Dissertation Proposal Short Form

It has been almost 2.5 years since I begun my doctoral studies at Columbia Evangelical Seminary. I am in my final class of ten classes. I have produced the first version of my proposal. Here is the short version:

Problem Statement: The 21st Century church has incorrectly defined God”s essence.


  1. The first aim of this dissertation, using a planned and deliberate methodology, defines essence and review how an attribute differs from essence.
  2. The second aim of this dissertation uses reasoning principles to assist in defining God’s essence.
  3. The third aim of this dissertation, reviews and determine what theory of truth used by groups that support a particular definition of God’s essence.
  4. The fourth aim of this dissertation uses the Bible to define God’s essence.


The aims of this dissertation are to use systematic theology and the many tools available to determine what definitions of God’s essence are worthy of consideration. Therefore, it is the goal of this dissertation to define God’s essence and then apply that to the twenty-first century church.


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