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Introduction ot a Review of Norman Geisler’s Soteriology

Norman Geisler is a theologian with over fifty years of experience. A prolific writer, Geisler has had numerous articles, essays, journal articles, and books published, among them the four-volume set, Systematic Theology. In Volume Three, he details his position on Humanity/Sin and Soteriology and identifies himself as a moderate Calvinist. Geisler states, “As the foregoing and following analysis shows, the biblical, theological, and historical evidence favors the moderate Calvinist view.” Geisler’s soteriology includes a defense against extreme Calvinism and extreme Arminianism, plus support for his moderate Calvinism.
Over the years, an impressive number of scholars have stated they do not support Geisler’s positions. These include, but are not limited to, James White, Craig Blomberg, and Michael Liconia. Geisler seeks to answer the objections of other scholars and details his positions on origins of salvation, theories of salvation, assurance of salvation, extent of salvation, universalism, and pluralism. Further, he details the differences between his moderate Calvinism and the traditional extreme Calvinism.
This author has chosen to review Norman Geisler’s Soteriology found in Volume Three of his Systematic Theology. The critique will include Free Will versus Predestination, Theory of Atonement, and Perseverance of the Saints.

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