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Norman Geisler’s Presuppositions to Theology Critique

Starting another paper. Here is my introduction.

Norman Geisler has written over eighty different books. During the years of 2000-2005 he released a four volume set entitled, Systematic Theology. In Volume One Geisler reveals his Prolegomena to include nine different presuppositions required to conduct theology. Prolegomena consists of two Greek words, Pro meaning before or toward and legomena meaning to speak. Simply put, Prolegomena is the before section prior to an author detailing the different aspects of the scholar’s theology.

Geisler lists nine different presuppositions needed prior to beginning the details of his theology. Rudolf Bultman determined, “There can be no exegesis without presupposition.” Therefore, before one begins to detail the different elements of one’s theology, it is important to determine the presuppositions those elements are based on. Geisler’s presuppositions include: metaphysical, supernatural, revelational, rational, semantical, epistemological, oppositional, linguistical, hermeneutical, historical, and methodological.

This author has selected three of Geisler’s presuppositions to critique. These three include metaphysics (the study of being), epistemology (the study of knowledge to include defining truth), and linguistics (the study of language).


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