Putting God on trial…

The twenty-first century church speaks of God’s attribute of love with a high degree of frequency. In fact, a person can hardly go a single day without someone, either within the church or outside the church, speaking of or relating to God’s love. Some theologians consider love to be the most important attribute of God. Reminders exist in both print and from the pulpits of this time in history how Christians are to remember the biblical commands to love God, love each other, and love their enemies. Unbelievers and liberal leaning Christians use the reality of God’s command to love as part of their methodology in an attempt to advance their agendas.

God does not have just one attribute. Even though one does not hear of them with the frequency of God’s love, God has many different attributes. God’s attributes include omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, immutability, goodness, simplicity, and holiness to mention only a few.

The Old Testament spoke often of God’s attribute of holiness. Rarely does an article appear concerning God’s holiness, and even less does one hear of a sermon coming from the pulpits of the twenty-first century church on God’s holiness. This author proposes the question, “What does one mean when they speak of God’s holiness and is God holy since people rarely speak of it?”

This author proposes to put God on trial. The evidence presented methodically and succinctly will seek to determine what is meant by the phrase, “God is holy.” Secondly, the evidence will seek to determine if God is holy. The methodology will look at three aspects, God’s character, God’s actions, and God’s requirements.


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