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Is there a place for holiness in the 21st Century church?

I read in a post on, which stated, “God is a loving God and therefore would not object to two people, who truly love each other, regardless of their sex, getting married.” Another author stated, “Because God is a loving God there can be no place of eternal punishment.” Both these statements point overwhelmingly to the attribute of love. It would be untenable to state the Bible does not illuminate humans to the idea that God loves us. God loves us first because he created us. He could just as easily not created us. Secondly, God loves us because he sent his Son to be our savior. The incarnation speaks volumes to the idea that God loves us. Anyone who has ever contemplated the suffering servant of Isaiah 53, must admit only someone who loves would ever have committed themselves to such a future. Finally, God loves us because he is so patient with us.

It would be unnatural to think that we as humans have many different aspects but God has only one…love. In thirteen locations in the Bible God states, “Be holy because I am holy.” The apostle John stated in hisĀ  first epistle, “God is love.” This is stated only one chapter in the entire Scriptures. If we are willing to accept this, being stated only once in the Scriptures, should we not be willing to accept “God is holy” also (stated thirteen times in the Scriptures)?

Someone once stated, “God’s attributes is like a bundle of sticks with the string holding them together being God’s holiness.” Albert Mohler believes God’s holiness is comprised of everything that God is. Rudolf Otto believes God’s holiness is so far above our ability to reason it is inconceivable. What is God’s holiness? I think we must consider God’s sinlessness as an intricate part of his holiness. The simple definition of holiness is separateness. God is totally separated from sin. But if God is truly sinless does that not also require him to be just? If someone is unjust we as humans would consider him to be imperfect. If God is sinless then isn’t he also perfect and if he is perfect then must he also be just?

God is just. If God is just should he not punish those who bring acts of sin into his presence? I believe the church of the 21st Century does not want to talk about God’s justice because then they would have to consider the punishment aspect of God. The 21st Century church has embraced the PC methodology to the point where they don’t want to say anything that might make someone feel uncomfortable. Should it not be better to make someone feel uncomfortable for a short while in this life than they be uncomfortable for all eternity?


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