Doctrine of Anthropoly or What is the essence of Men

As I work through my second course (Introduction to Systematic Theology) I have questions concerning the way the church sees Men.  First, I believe the church has become so fluffy that many men see the need to leave their masculinity at the door or just not go.  The Bible makes it clear the man has been designated as the spiritual leader of the family.  It is interesting I read an article on encouraging women to “Let” their husbands lead. This just killed me, we as men are to lead only after our wives “Let” us lead.  Come on men God made us warriors not slaves.  He certainly didn’t make us to be restricted based on the desires of our mates.  This brings me to my question (in light of the culture we call 21st Century), “What is the essence of Men?

Aristotle believed the essence of man was the soul. Another point of Aristotle was the man is the summation of everything that makes him alive; man is the summation of body, soul, mind, and spirit.  So where does this all take us?

What does the Bible say?  The Bible tells us that when God made man he made him imago dei (the image of God).  The Bible also tells us man fell when he disobeyed God.  The result of that fall made man and all his descendants sinners.  If we are to determine what man’s essence is we must  keep in mind the sin nature that exists inside every man.

What does it mean when the word essence is used to describe anything?  In philosophy, essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity. I know a lot of people in scholarly circles don’t like Wikipedia, but it is really convenience.  To ask the question, “What is the essence of man” one must ask the question, “What makes up man?”  First, we as men are sinners.  If not for the grace of God everything we as men think, propose, or do would originate in our sin nature.  So let me leave you with this question, “What are the attributes that make up Men?”


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