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First Class Completed

It feels good to complete my first class.  This was a required class in Writing Protocols and Expectations by Columbia Evangelical Seminary.  It required taking a comprehensive grammar exam and the submission of three papers.  I just received my final paper being graded with feedback.  It is evident I have a lot of area for improvement.  But the bottom line is I received a B+ meeting the requirement of a B minimum on all classes.

So what did I learn from the last four months?  First there is a tall difference between writing at the master’s level and writing at the doctoral level.  Second the scrutiny is going to be a lot tighter.  Even something as small as an extra space will be pointed out.  Lets face it many professors don’t take the time to point out every little flaw in a paper.  I wonder whether it is even necessary for a professor to point out every little flaw.  Yet at this level, every little flaw is going to be pointed out.

With all that said, next month I will start in earnest with my first course in systematic theology.  The reading quantity expected is much higher at this level.  The two main texts are over 2500 pages.  Add the twenty some sources required for writing the required paper and you can easily come up with 5000 pages of reading and 20-25 pages of writing. 


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