Ouch My Brain Hurts!

For the last six weeks I have been studying for a comprehensive grammar test.  You might jest and wonder what the big deal is.  Yes you can speak and yes you can write.  Can you quote the rules for what is good grammar and what is bad grammar?  This test included two hundred possible answers.  Each answer was worth one point and you must pass the test.  You get two chances and then you are dropped from the program.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you Columbia Evangelical Seminary is an easy place to advance your learning process.  This was the hardest test I have taken in over 4 years.

Someone once said, “When you finish a test from Dr. K from Golden Gate Seminary you feel like your brain matter has been sucked out of your head.”  This is how I feel.  Even though the test took only 1.25 hours it was very hard.  Everything from what is the difference between a dependent clause and an independent clause to what is the format for a footnote in Turabian was on the test.  Those were the easy questions.  About half way through the test I was wondering why I didn’t listen closer to my English teachers in secondary school.

The importance is the need to elevate my writing skills to the next level.  Knowing grammar and the rules that govern  it is a necessary first step.  The next step is to write three papers using the information I was tested on.  One test is a free writing paper, writing an academic paper, and finally writing a capstone paper.  After all three are written and graded, it will be time to start working on the syllabus for my next class.

Two weeks ago all parties signed the mentor and learning contract.  My mentor is Dr. Mark Richardson, senior pastor of The Colony First Baptist Church in Colony, Texas.  I am looking forward to the journey as the two of us work together to find and complete this journey God has permitted us to be on.

Yes my brain hurts.  Life is about change and being stretched.  I have already experienced the stretching.  My God be glorified by all we do.



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6 responses to “Ouch My Brain Hurts!

  1. John – I remember that CES grammar test very well! Writing at the doctoral level is very different from the masters level. It is difficult, but very rewarding. May God bless your studies!

    • Scott thank you for those words of encouragement. I am working on my first course following CES700 and I am just a little bit apprehensive as to what to write and what to expect. The hardest part is that one space between sentences (driving me nuts). I finally discovered how to set up Word 2013 to alert me when I use 2 spaces (shame on me).

      • Yes, that two spaces habit goes back many years for me. How did you set up that alert?

        I’m about 40% of my way through a ThD program, myself. I still dread writing the papers, but I feel much more confident now than when I started.

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