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Fundamentals First

I have now started my studies toward earning a Th.D. in Systematic Theology.  There are many goals I hope to achieve, but before that can happen some fundamentals must be in place.  First fundamental is establishing my Learning Contract with Columbia Evangelical Seminary (CES).  This is where I lay out the classes I plan on taking.  This must be approved by my mentor and the CES representative.  I created the first version and sent it in.  Second, I need to select the top five choices of possible mentors.  I have done that.

Third, the seminary requires you to prove your sufficient knowledge of the English language in writing.  This is that time when I keep asking myself, “Why didn’t I listen closer in English class?”  The requirement is to listen to five lectures, create a vocabulary list of necessary terms, and pass a comprehensive test on English grammar and writing fundamentals.  I have completed the first lecture.  This is not going to be easy.  Whoever thought I would have to know the difference between a subordinate clause, a restrictive clause, and a nonrestrictive clause.

Of course, several of these terms are familiar but it has been years, possibly even decades, since I had to take a test to prove my English fundamentals.  As it has been stated by many before me, “Nothing like jumping in with both feet.”


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